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THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS – 8 years ago already

It’s been 8+ years since THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS was released at film festivals across the globe (DVD was in early 2012). It’s amazing how time flies. Recently, I’ve taken a step back to take in a big-picture view of my past, present and future projects. In so doing, I realized how much time has passed since I was on the set of Whisperer (sound recordist) and also composer of the score. In composing music, there really is never an ‘end’. There’s a point where you have to just let it go and let it take on a life of its own. The compositions can live long lives or be brutally torn to shreds, very quickly forgotten. I still receive nice comments about the score and I hope people still enjoy it. But like any other composition i’ve done, I’ve often been tempted to go back and reorchestrate THE CALL OF CTHULHU and more recently THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS. This is considering the advances in DAW software and sound libraries – and ‘how good would it sound now?’ I have resisted the temptation to do so. I suppose if I had enough fans requesting, I may entertain the idea but I think I’d rather spend the time making something new. That said, there is a small project in the works I think HPLHS fans will enjoy – a familiar tune or two in a different incarnation… stay tuned for that.

In celebration of time passed and the wonderful experience that was being a part of the set crew and composer of the score, please enjoy a discount of the score at my bandcamp page. It is currently $10. if you retweet this or facebook it or share it through other social media means, be sure to link me or “@” me on twitter and receive a 15% discount code. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for new works soon! – Troy Sterling Nies

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Last year I had the privilege and honor of working with Thomas Negoven on his fantastic film short entitled AURORA. I composed the score for the film and had the great pleasure of having several fantastic musicians contribute to the final score:

  • Joe Cassidy(of the Belfast-founded band Butterfly Child and Shepard Fairey’s L.A. art project NØISE)
  • drummer and percussionist Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails, Scarlet Sails)
  • and the dynamic sonics of master thereminist Armen Ra.

The best and most succinct description I can give it is TWILIGHT ZONE coupled with the old west with nazis and an alien thrown in for good measure. It was prescreened in Los Angeles last summer. There is currently a Kickstarter for the soundtrack to be released on GLOW IN THE DARK VINYL! and WAX CYLINDER!!! Yep, you heard it correct. Vinyl and Wax Cylinder. Click on the kickstarter link below to get all the wild details and to check out some cool pictures.

Soundtrack kickstarter
Screening in Los Angeles 2018
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After a year of composing and editing for this episode,  it is finally complete!  This is by far the largest and longest episode we have created and I ended up composing over 8 hours of music for this episode.  It is a behemoth 6 CD’s long, however you can purchase the audio download as well.  Be sure to go check out the write-up at and be sure to stop by and give it a review in their shop!  Stay tuned for the next DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATRE announcements!

HPLHS Store link to MASKS!

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